Howe, Jon Robert

Jon Robert Howe is first last, and always a seeker of truth who is happy to share–an educator experienced in multimedia ways to make learning memorable.

He has been in turns a newspaper photographer, radio news broadcaster, professional Santa Claus, actor, video producer, musical playwright, graphic and Internet designer, marketing executive and innovative blogger.

In his college classes, Jon loves to teach hungry students the presentation computer techniques that he is always polishing and using.

He really enjoys leading church classes using his multimedia skills to not only keep his students awake–but more, to help make the lessons “stick” in the minds and hearts of his fellow students.

Musical Authored: The Saga Of Sasquatch C’lone (watch the Leicester Bay Theatricals site for further info)

also: Missionary Boxer (with music by Lyn Burton) (Watch the Zion Theatricals site for further info)

also: Teaching Moment Boosters (A book that gives your talks and lessons more punch and power) (Visit Leicester Bay Books)

Grampa In Training Volume 1 (A book about being a great and constructive Grampa) (Visit Zion BookWorks)