Lambert, James G.

Recollections of Jim

James G. Lambert was a playwright, lyricist and composer as well as a director and actor. He was active in theatrical enterprises wherever he lived. His wife, Elizabeth Lambert, survives him and lives in Provo, Utah. His children Julia Lambert Grogan, James D. Lambert and Christian Lambert have settled in various places around the country.

Jim and I were introduced to each other in the ‘Production of the Century’ at BYU called “Brigham!” (Max Golightly was directing it — it was huge. It starred Harve Presnell, who was a delight to work with.) Jim was in the cast and I was the Assistant Choreographer to another great man Dee Winterton! [Later, Dee, another mentor, gave me the opportunity to choreograph Dick Van Dyke for a television special that Dee had been hired to oversee. Circles and connections just lead on and on.] Jim was also a member of the cast of the original production of Scott Card’s and my “Liberty Jail.”

Jim and I formed a friendship. He told me that he wrote musicals. I told him that I did, also. We got together.  He became a great friend and collaborator. He asked me to come and help him with his pet project, FRONTIER! We got it stageworthy and after that worked together on numerous projects (like the ones mentioned below) and others, never produced.

In 2011 we all lost a great man, husband, father, friend. I lost a true friend, collaborator, and father-figure when Jim died.


The Angel and the Rebel

Curses, Foiled Again!


Golden Dreams

The Homely Touch (The Tender Touch)


That’s Life

Where Freedom Stands

Photo of Jim in uniform (posted for Memorial Day, in 2013, on his daughter’s Facebook page)