Sheila Rinear

Sheila Rinear is a San Antonio-based, award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and teacher. I met her at a convention in Houston. Her work has been commissioned, developed and produced throughout the United States but especially in Texas where The Playhouse San Antonio, The Classic Theatre, and The Overtime Theatre are her artistic homes. Commissioned six times in the past 8 years by the City of San Antonio to produce performance pieces for Luminaria, Rinear also teaches Playwriting and Screenwriting at NESA (San Antonio Arts Magnet High School) and serves The Dramatists Guild as Regional Rep for Austin-San Antonio.


Dancing On Daddy’s Shoes


Plays listed with Leicester Bay:

Other plays: (some of these titles will be coming on board at Leicester Bay)

  • Mission Improbable 
  • Watch and Prey 
  • How Are You With Gluten?
  • Dead To Rites
  • At Least I Got Out of My Pajamas
  • Embers
  • Merry Gentlemen 
  • Calais (the play)
  • Urned Praise
  • The Outskirts
  • Stepping Out
  • Bound By Truth (New Play Exchange)
  • Cries That Bind (New Play Exchange)
  • Moving Home
  • A Hunger
  • Wake Up! 
  • Bringing Sons to Glory!  
  • Do I Look Like Anyone?
  • Chasing the Blues (the play)
  • Unbounded
  • I Didn’t Sign on for That!
  • Don’t Be Like That!
  • Heatwave 
  • In the Market 
  • For Mal to Hide 
  • You’re Killing Me Here 
  • Staying in Vegas 
  • Deities 
  • Women of Letters
  • Teacher’s Lounge
  • Zero Tolerance 
  • Dixie
  • We’re Doing Cinderella?
  • Dancing on Daddy’s Shoes
  • We’ve Got Something to Say! 
  • SmokeScreen
  • Oklahoma Framed