Stephenson, R. Rex

Rex as Mark Twain in 2010

R. Rex Stephenson


1973 to present: Ferrum College Drama Department
Rank: Professor since 1989

1966-69: Teaching high school and junior high English,

government, speech, and drama


Ph. D., New York University, Education/Theatre, 1984
M. A., Indiana State University, Speech/Theatre, 1973
B. S., Ball State University, Social Science and Speech/Drama, 1964



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Other Publications:

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ADDITIONAL THEATRICAL AND SCHOLARLY EXPERIENCEProducer/Director, Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre (summer, since 1978)Producer/writer/director of Ferrum College Jack Tale Players since 1975Director of over 150 playsWriter/producer of over 25 playsActor in over 100 playsProducer/writer/director of 8 stateside USO tours for Veterans Administration Medical CentersProduced 48-minute video, The Jack Tales Performing Live, Media Link Productions

Conducted many workshops for teachers and students on drama, storytelling, and uses of folktales

Presentations at Virginia Humanities Conferences, 1996 and 1998; Biennial Conferences on Modern Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature, 1997 and 2001; and Appalachian Teachers’ Network Conference, 2001, on dramatic adaptations of folklore and literature

Performances and presentations at theatre conferences since 1982

Recipient of IUPUI National Youth Theatre Playwrighting Competition award for “Excellence in Playwrighting” for Jack’s Adventures with the King’s Girl in 1996

Recipient of 2007 Sara Spencer Child Drama Award, Southeastern Theatre Conference

Working with Rex and the Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre was almost dream-like. I acted as a Dramaturg in 2002 for their production of MY TRAVELS WITH CECIL a delightful historical play about the origins of the music of the Appalachians. The next summer he asked me to write the score for his new version of DANIEL! I jumped at the chance. It was a whirlwind journey. I arrived at the auditions having only seen act one and the music was finished for that act. Upon arrival Rex presented me with the second act and I wrote seven songs in a week before rehearsals started. I love pressure and it pushes me to be creative. I acted as the director of the production and musical director and also accompanied the performances. It was sheer delight. Rex was always there to support and help me in my varied tasks. And the professionals I worked with were some of the best I have ever met. Thanks, Rex!



Adventures of Huck Finn (with Jon Cohn)