Where Is Jill? A Musical for Children




Where Is Jill?

A multi-media musical for children by Shirlee Shields. Music by C. Michael Perry

Jack cannot find Jill to make their usual daily trip up the hill to fetch a pail of water. He seeks the help of his friends in Nursery Rhyme Land to search for her. The news of Jill’s disappearance is picked up by national TV and soon becomes the concern of the President of the United States and the United Nations. The United Nations unanimously votes to send Jack around the world to scarch for his missing Jill. Cow, however, has the clue, but doesn’t know what to do and sings her dilemma. Meanwhile, astronauts are being launched for a moon landing as part of the U.S. space program. When they arrive on the moon’s surface they find Jill. She has been up there visiting some moonbeams. How did she get there? Cow let her ride on her back when she jumped over the moon one day. Jill was getting a little bored around Nursery Rhyme Land just fetching water with Jack, patting Mary’s lamb and calming Miss Muffit, so she talked Cow into letting her take a trip over the moon. She then convinced Cow to make a stop up there so she could visit some moonbeams, chat with the man in the moon and sample some green cheese. But alas, poor Cow could not get the weightless Jill back on her back for the return trip. Back on earth, distraught Cow visits the TV news studio and tells her story on a national broadcast. The astronauts return Jill to earth, a large celebration is held in Washington D.C. and people from all over the world rejoice because everyone cares about the safety of a little girl. This play was written to encourage children that they must ALWAYS tell friends or family where they are going and NEVER go anywhere alone or with a stranger. A fun piece for CHILDREN.