Major Characters in the First Book. (The Miracle of Mirador is set in the year 2700 on the continent of Colabos, on a planet called Colabos.)

Daniel Gregoryson — born on the seventh day of Second Month (our February) of the year 2689 in Valley Vale to Gregory  and Belinda Gregoryson, he is THE PROPHECY, or THE MIRACLE OF MIRADOR, but it is unknown to all but those in the ‘magical’ community that there even is a prophecy, let alone who it concerns. He is eleven years old in Book One, has blue eyes and blond hair, an eager, if somewhat clumsy spirit and is really just a regular boy who is beginning to discover his special abilities.

Miraden Light — is the first of the six of the Race of Enchanters, the oldest brother, the first created in THE TIME BEFORE the Creation of the World to assist the Creators in their work. He has two ‘brothers’, Tophet and Anandoral and three ‘sisters’, Aradella, Wyara, and Estrella. He was married to Aradella until her death in the Dragon Wars. In THE MIRACLE OF MIRADOR he is the oldest man alive, for he is a human Enchanter. He has blue eyes and white hair. There is very little he cannot do, but there is also a lot that he has forgotten in over 2700 years of living. An Immortal.

Gregory Gregoryson — The Royal Huntsman of Mirador. Born in Valley Vale in 2672. He is a master archer and has fought for the Realm of Mirador against the Darkness. A mortal.

Liliana Light-White — Miraden’s daughter by his second wife, Kylara, a mortal. Born in 1901, she is an Immortal who is now the Queen of Mirador, married to its King, Marble White. She could be a Enchantress but (wisely) chose to give those powers up temporarily to rule and reign in Mirador. She is kidnapped by Tophet in order to put his own daughter on the throne of Mirador.

Tophet Light — the second of the original Race Of Enchanters, he was turned by PanAlta, the Darkness, a fallen Creator, and has sought to destroy all the Light of the world, but has been singularly unsuccessful. He was married to Wyara, until her death in The Great War. An Immortal.

Withera Light — the elder of Tophet’s daughters (Mother was Wyara), she seeks to be everything her father is and more. Born in the 1st year of THE AGE OF MAGIC, she is a Sorceress. An Immortal.

Zantha Light — the younger of Tophet’s daughters (Mother was Wyara), she seeks power and control. She masquerades as Liliana White to try to gain control of Mirador. But she has no magical powers due to a prophecy that concerned herself and her cousin, Liliana. Born in the 2nd year of THE AGE OF MAGIC. An Immortal.

Elias Matthewson — the oldest son of Matthew and Sarai Matthewson of Harborton, born in 2691, he becomes Daniel’s best friend and closest confidant. He has brown hair and green eyes, and is nine years old when we first meet him. A mortal.

Bianca White — Liliana and Marble’s daughter, the Princess of Mirador. Born in 2684, she is heir to the throne. Zantha and Withera place her under a spell in order to gain control of Mirador. A mortal.

Valerius Red — The Prince of Panador, and heir to the throne, born in 2682, he is valiant and capable, if somewhat love-struck. A mortal.


Minor Characters for the First Book


KING MARBLE WHITE — King of Mirador, a well-intentioned cream puff. b.2660
THE DWARVES OF HOPE — Alder, the Elder, Oaklee, Spruce, Blacknut, Redwood,  Hickory, Elderberry, the younger (a rudimentary Magician.) (Five other brothers were killed in the Great War)
MATTHEW — Elias’ father, Master Fisherman of Harborton. b.2676
SARAI — his wife. b.2677
JEREMIAH — Master at Arms of Mirador
ROSENBLAD — creation of Withera, a Dwarf  turned Vampire. c.1290
GUILDEBLAD — brother to Rosenblad, re-enlivened Dwarf turned Necromancer c.1812
NIGHTBANE — creation of Miraden’s niece Reugella — a Werewolf c.1050
WILLIAM of WATERSIDE — son of a Woodcutter. b.1858 (his story [part of the backstory] happens in 1872)
KINGS and ARMIES of Panador, Aradon and Caladon
DEMONS — able to be created by any Enchanter or Sorceror