Book 4: Daniel Light and the Child of Promise

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Mirador Orb


Daniel Light and The Child of Promise

To come at a time of greatest need, this Child Of Promise, has been born and begins to grow. A favored child in every way, as most promised children are, he is nurtured by loving royal parents, grandparents and a peculiarly powerful uncle, Daniel Gregoryson — the Miracle of Mirador. The Child of Promise and The Prophecy (Daniel) continue to learn and grow and fulfill their individual prophetic lives in ways that are surprisingly linked together. Darkness is still alive. It seems impossible to just snuff it out. Soon, a new threat to the Realms of the Crystal Orb arises; a threat also to the Prophecy, and to the Child of Promise. What sacrifice will be required at their hands to usher in yet another victory? Is victory even possible?


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