Book 8: Daniel Light and The Brotherhood of the Burning Branch

Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb


Mirador Orb

BOOK Eight

Daniel Light and the

Brotherhood of the Burning Branch

What if even the Creators had not predicted correctly?

Two Twin brothers, Princes of Balador – both sons of the vanquishers of the Darkness of the Forest of Bala – face their quests for manhood with initial concern over their separation from each other while their quests turn out to entail much more than anyone could have anticipated.

At seventeen, facing their long-elusive (but welcome) betrothals, and their separation due to the impending quests and the possible future rule of the Kingdom of Balador, Friedrich and Ernst, the Princes of Balador, must learn what to choose as they seek to aid the Light in its mission and create some order and security out of their own lives and futures. They come up against enchantments, both Dark and Light. They face monsters and a Sorceress. Every trial they undertake summons the possibility of death for the two noble youths and their associates. But the Kingdom of Zanadon must be freed, made whole, in order to reunite the Realms. These Children of the Orb must succeed. Or must they?

The ultimate of sacrifices will be asked of the Brother-Princes; but do they have the fortitude and conviction to pay that price? Will they choose self? Or Kingdom? Will they live in the present or build towards their own future? Do they have a future? Will they settle for less than they believe themselves capable of in order to acquire power and glory? Will an ancient Darkness destroy them? Have the Creators chosen correctly? Or will the youths rise triumphant in battle against this Darkness that no one even suspected still existed? How will two of the Children of the Orb live up to the promise and prophecy of their Brotherhood and the Burning Branch?