Book 9: Daniel Light and The Two-Fold Twins of the Crystal Orb

Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb


Mirador Orb

BOOK Eight

Daniel Light and

The Two-Fold Twins of the Crystal Orb

          What if you were not as grown up as you thought you were?

As Dragons and Unicorns are returned to aid in the fight against the ever-renewing Darkness, two additional sets of twins, each set containing a Prince and a Princess, learn to put aside their differences and unite to help fulfill the ancient prophecies of the Realms of the Crystal Orb.

The two Princes of Aradon and Mirador, grown in body but not yet in heart, face the loss of their twin sisters, their other brothers, their parents and their kingdoms to a powerful Darkness that has stolen the youngest Prince of them all as it seeks the destruction of the rest. As this Darkness begins to seduce the youngest Prince to the Dark it secretly hides its true intentions from the innocent boy. The remainder of the royal offspring learn that power shared, power trusted, is better than blind determination.

We have seen the power and the sacrifice that comes with twinship. We have witnessed the bonds of love and devotion between the twin brothers of Balador. Now, these qualities, or the seeming lack of them, that exist within families and between kingdoms, will be tested further by another twinness. The kingdoms of Aradon and Mirador will stand or fall upon the shoulders of the royal sons and daughters of Aradon and Mirador – the Two-Fold Twins of the Crystal Orb.