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C. Michael Perry

Composer/Lyricist, Playwright, Author, Novelist, Theatrical Producer

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CHILDREN OF THE ORB SERIES (childrenoftheorb.com)

Book ONE of the SERIES • Daniel Light and the Miracle of Mirador

Book TWO of the SERIES • Daniel Light and the Blood Rose of Panador

Book FIVE of the SERIES • Daniel Light and the Exile of Aradon

(From the Fantasy Series of Fourteen Books “The Children of the Orb” — the adventures of Daniel Light)

You can also visit my other series (if you like YA Fantasy/Adventures and Arthurian Lore)

THE KEEPERS OF TIME SERIES (wembleytewkes.com)


Book ONE: Wembley Tewkes and the Edges of Time

Book TWO: Wembley Tewkes and the Time Bandits

Book THREE: Wembley Tewkes and the Master of Time

Book FOUR: The Journal of Ambrosius Gryffudd