Editing Services

We also offer

book editing and copy editing services for your:

  • Company newsletter
  • Company magazine
  • Catalogs and brochures
  • General magazine articles
  • Your entire magazine
  • Your short story
  • Your Fiction novel
  • Your Non-fiction work

Complete Editing Services

This service will be quoted on a job by job basis. The duty of an Editor is to take on a project and see it through to its completion, approving and polishing copy and content, design and layout — anything that has to do with what the consumer will hold in his or her hand as a finished product. The Editor counsels with the author and the publisher and gives advice and opinion pertaining to the overall look and feel of the work.


Charges for this service run at $30.00 per page (one page = 300 words — there is a charge of a one-page minimum on all orders.) A copy-editor looks for mistakes in grammar and punctuation, correct phrasing, continuity, and flow of the article. A copy-editor must also be very aware of maintaining and unifying the authors ‘voice.’ A little more than a proof-reader, but not quite what an Editor does.


Books Edited (through the editing service)

Murder by Suicide by David Sterago (Now available at Amazon [click the title])

Within Our Grasp by Culley Davis (IN PRINT)