Book 8: Daniel Light and The Brotherhood of the Burning Branch

BOOK Eight

Daniel Light and the

Brotherhood of the Burning Branch

What if even the Creators had not predicted correctly?

Two Twin brothers, Princes of Balador – both sons of the vanquishers of the Darkness of the Forest of Bala – face their quests for manhood with initial concern over their separation from each other while their quests turn out to entail much more than anyone could have anticipated.

At seventeen, facing their long-elusive (but welcome) betrothals, and their separation due to the impending quests and the possible future rule of the Kingdom of Balador, Friedrich and Ernst, the Princes of Balador, must learn what to choose as they seek to aid the Light in its mission and create some order and security out of their own lives and futures. They come up against enchantments, both Dark and Light. They face monsters and a Sorceress. Every trial they undertake summons the possibility of death for the two noble youths and their associates. But the Kingdom of Zanadon must be freed, made whole, in order to reunite the Realms. These Children of the Orb must succeed. Or must they?

The ultimate of sacrifices will be asked of the Brother-Princes; but do they have the fortitude and conviction to pay that price? Will they choose self? Or Kingdom? Will they live in the present or build towards their own future? Do they have a future? Will they settle for less than they believe themselves capable of in order to acquire power and glory? Will an ancient Darkness destroy them? Have the Creators chosen correctly? Or will the youths rise triumphant in battle against this Darkness that no one even suspected still existed? How will two of the Children of the Orb live up to the promise and prophecy of their Brotherhood and the Burning Branch?


SETTING: Balador, Zanadon, Caladon, Colabos, Dal Masar, Mirador YEAR: 2741

HUGH ARCHER — King of Balador , b.2706Jul
GILLIAN ARCHER — Queen of Balador b.2707May
FRIEDRICH ARCHER — Prince of Balador (Twin)Blonde hair, Green eyes, b. 2724Feb
ERNST ARCHER — Prince of Balador, (Twin) I span tall, muscular, handsome b. 2724Feb
MIRADEN — The Ancient Enchanter living at Islo Della, ageless
DANIEL GREGORYSON — High King of the Realms (at Huntsman’s Rock) b.2689
TILLY GREGORYSON — High Queen of the Realms b.2689
ANNA — The Lady Of The Lake (appears 25 but is Immortal, over 2500 yrs old. b.476
AXENGARD — King of all Dwarves b.1000-1010
THE WITCH — A mystery Sorceress at the Castle of Talin b.350
THE DWARVES OF GARD — Bor, Cal, Dan, Eld, Fol, Gash, Hof, Imil, Ju, Ken, Loth & Mish
b. 1000-1010
NYMPHS — of the streams of Zanadon
DRYADS — of the forests of Zanadon
ROLF ARCHER — Circle LEader of Balador (appears as if born 2112)
DALARAL ARCHER — Rolf’s wife b. 2710
BRAND FITZGREGORY — Dragon Rider of Dal Masar b. 2113
TERALNI FITZGREGORY — Brand’s wife, from Mountain Hold b. 2712
BRANDON FITZGREGORY — their son, born as an Immortal b.2728Jan
BALADAR– King of Anandor, Dragon Rider of Istramere b.2713
TIAL — Queen of Anandor b.2713
ISTRAMERE — Orange Dragon of Balador b.2702?
TIM0THY — Black Dragon of Talin
KERALLU — King of Dal ~asar, Son of Keradoc, Baladar’s b.2724May
MIRALCA — Queen of Dal jqasar, daughter of Jeralca b.2724
TAYRALLA — Kerallu’s mother and Regent of Dal Masar b. 2709
RAMEHLU — Prime Minister of Dal Masar b.2709Jan
KAYLIDA — Rameh’s wife b.2709
JERALCA — Circle Leader of Dal Masar b.2706
CARA — Circle LEader of Dal Masar, wife to Jeralca b. 2707
JAYDEN — Circle Assistant of Dal Masar b.2707
MIRALLA — Circle Assistant of Dal Masar, wife to Jayden b.2707
NIGHTBANE — is asleep in Zanadon c.1050
HANNAH ARCHER — Rolf and Dalarra’s daughter b.2723
JESSICA ARCHER — Alexander and Gayle’s daughter b.2725
KERCALU — Kerallu’s olders son, Prince of Dal Masar b. 2739
KALCALU — Kerallu’s second son, Prince of Dal Masar b. 2740-
KALMORLU — Kerallu’s third son, Prince of Dal Masar b. 2741
TERRAYU — Son of Kerrayu, a vampire Dajinn. JVampire himself b.2716
TERILDA — Terrayu’s mother, raped by Kerrayu at 17 b.2698d.2732
ELIAS MATTHEWSON — Head of the Circle Council, Trainer of Dragon Volunteers b.2691
NANCY MATHEWSON — Head of the Circle Council, Trainer of Dragon Volunteers b.2691
SEAN MATTHEWSON — their son, Circle member in Mirador, b.2707
ARIK ARCHER — Circle Leader of Caladon b.2687
JESSICA ARCHER — Circle Leader of Caladon, Ariks 2nd wife b. 2690

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