A Retrospective of the Future

The stories of the Children of the Apocalypse

Told from the viewpoint of the children of the future who live in squalor, degradation, depravity and uncertainty in single-child families, while their parents work too hard and die too young, leaving their children alone — all to support a government and its bureaucrats who claim authority and power for themselves — will startle and even enrage its readers. The art of War and Power and Money are the only things that the rich Bureaucrats can understand. And they understand it well — to the degradation and domination of the remainder of the population.
What once was The United States of America, Canada and Mexico, is now a society where children are forced to marry and conceive ONE child at age 15 and then are conscripted into factory and mine work at 16 until they die — usually in their 30s or 40s. And children, our most precious resource are used and abused by all but their parents in horrific ways because society can no longer look out for them due to the corruption — and the money to be made from it.
Clothesless children roam the lands, unwanted, unloved, unattached, due to the deaths of their parents; used by practically all who encounter them for their own perverted purposes. Few there are who can or will risk their lives to protect these innocents.  Some children are headed to The District to get into the money of the ‘graph business of the richer east. Pictures are worth big bucks and it is all sponsored by the Bureaucrats. The ‘graphs of children are taken and the children are paid well, but left to fend for themselves after being all but used up. Other children are captured, or abducted, on their way to the east, by the corrupt Cops and other Vigilantes, and turned over to the government, for a bounty, who then forces them to work to make clothing for the rich in the other places of squalor and corruption of the land: Prisons; places of ‘security’ for the homeless children of Amcanico.
But some of the children and some of the adults are attempting to do something about the cataclysmic situation. There is a way out. There are Bards — storytellers who roam the countryside — the deserts of Amcanico — telling stories around a campfire or enacting them on a stage. These Bards are highly organized and have compatriots back in The District, who will publish these stories into a book for the generations of the past to read; for these compatriots have found a way to travel back in time; to get these stories to the generation best able to combat this apocalypse before it begins: US!

DUE in Late 2023 or early 2024

PS — The artwork in the header is a pre-press, temporary graphic.

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