Book 13: Daniel Light and the Tryst In Time

BOOK Thirteen

Daniel Light and the Tryst In Time

Fidelity. Love. Friendship. Are they ever what they have always seemed to be?

Is faithfulness, or even Faith, of value to us?

The new Lethlan seduces Gwynna, now the wife of Altare. They are discovered and exiled, where they die. Altare marries again, to Elayne. He is killed in battle by his bastard son, Moralt. Elayne, orders the execution of Moralt and Morgare as Altare’s forces have won the battle. As Elayne cries over the loss of her husband, the real Lethlan returns, They marry. Elias, now embittered over the loss of his descendant, steals all the treasures of the Realms and hides them by altering the course of a river, then burying it in a splendid magic-made underground cavern, then returning the river to its course. Daniel confronts him and their friendship and brotherhood is tried and tested, until Elias vows to defeat Daniel and the Light.