Book 1: Daniel Light and The Miracle of Mirador


Daniel Light

and the Miracle of Mirador

by C. Michael Perry

What if it took the loss of everything you loved for you to become whom you were meant to be?

An ancient Prophecy is fulfilled as eleven-year-old Daniel — the Miracle, The Prophecy — is found and trained by the Light and is then led to discover the sacrifices necessary for his success, and the success of all, in the growing battle against the Dark.
Miraden, Master Magician and Enchanter under the direction of the Creators of the Realms of the Crystal Orb, finds a boy pure of heart and mind: Daniel — the ancient Prophecy fulfilled — the miracle boy. He begins to learn and is guided at his Master’s side. His inherent powers help to heal the scars that the Dark has left behind, recover a stolen and bewitched princess, and fight a war against the forces led by Miraden’s Dark brother, Tophet. The boy’s own ties to his family are tested and in the final outcome a larger family stands together around Daniel and all proclaim him to be The Miracle of Mirador.
A Prince on a quest for his betrothed Princess; A Kingdom searching for its lost daughter – that same princess; an Enchanter seeking the Miracle of Prophecy that has been promised since the dawn of time: the one who is to become his apprentice and save the world; a boy growing up wise in a loving family, seeking friends who will understand and share his dreams; a Darkness, alive since before the moment of Creation – before Humans, before Dwarves – seeking supremacy over its eternal foes. They all meet in a climactic conflagration of battles fueled by secrecy, magic and treachery. The battles center around the heart of the Realms of the Crystal Orb: the kingdom of Mirador. How the Prince, Princess, Enchanter and Dark Wizard are aided or vanquished by the Miracle — The Prophecy — and how each act requires a sacrifice, forms the center of “The Miracle of Mirador.”


  • 5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
  • Black & White on Cream paper
  • 252 pages
  • BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic



by  J. L. Thompson “Scottsdale” (Scottsdale, AZ USA)
This review is from: The Miracle of Mirador (Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb) (Kindle & Print Edition)
The Miracle of Mirador is a well written story, with twists and turns and many surprises along the way. The author weaves his unique story in a way that inspires the reader to be a better person, through the examples of those on the page. The decisions we make as confronted with life’s obstacles and challenges not only reveal, but help build character, and the examples of sacrifice made for the benefit of others in Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb are instructive of how we can build character in our own lives. I hope C. Michael Perry will be releasing his next installment in the series soon so I won’t have to wait too long for it.


Jan Koranda

I read the book and I have to be real honest that I am not into these types of books at all; I just read thrillers, mysteries, and bios. So I am one of the worst people to ask. That all being said I think the book was well written, that it would appeal to most kids, and does have a lot of good life lessons, and is probably the type of book that would keep a kid’s interest and imagination working.

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History of the Title

 NOTE: The Miracle Of Mirador started off as a musical — a spoof of the genre. It is available under the title SNOW WHITE AND THE MIRACLE from Eldridge Plays and Musicals. However, don’t expect it to bear too much resemblance to the novel. But it is still a fun ride through the Realms of the Crystal Orb.



The Layout of The Crystal Castle of Mirador


Zantha’s Castle


The Fortress Of Fear


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