Book 7: Daniel Light: The Prince and the Pretender — The Dark Prophecy

BOOK Seven

Daniel Light:

The Prince and the Pretender —

The Dark Prophecy

What if your worst enemy turned out to be your brother?

Two boys, raised separately by different mothers, both sons of the same Darkly magical father, vie for supremacy in a world growing suspicious and untrusting of any magic – Dark or Light — and those who wield it.

Keradoc, Prince of the Dark, and Baladar, Prince of Light, search for their identities on opposing sides of the titanic struggle emerging in the Realms of the Crystal Orb. Mentors on each side train and guide their prodigies to reach their full potential. Are they fated to meet and destroy each other? Will only one survive?

In a world where magical saviors have grown almost commonplace, the struggle against the Dark still continues. Regimes have arisen and fallen; Kingdoms have allied themselves with the Circle of Light; usurpers have, so far, failed to eradicate Light. Prophecies have been made and fulfilled. Power has been acquired. But now the time for the Dark Prophecy has come. A Prophecy rumored to tip the balance of power toward the Dark and its eternal Creator – Pan Alta. And the two Princes of Light and Dark must face each other and their destinies. Which is the Prince? Which is the Pretender? Will defeat come from without or from within the Realms as a result of the Dark Prophecy?


Begins: Seventh Month, 2, 2723 Ends: Fifth Month, 5, 2724

KERADOC — Son of Dajinn and Teela, about to turn 14 — tall, slender, blind b.2710(Jan)
MITHRALA –Dark Mother of all Dajinnie, all evil, spurned mate to Panalta, ageless
RAMEHLU –Keradoc’s cousin through his mother. Jeralca’s ‘friend’ b. 2709(Jan)
KAYLIDA –Ramehlu’s intended and later wife b. 2709
TAYRALLA –Keradoc’s significant other, later wife b. 2709
JERALCA –Circle Leader for the Great Northwest b. 2706
JAYDEN –#2 in the Circle for the Great Northwest, from Aradon b. 2707
BALADAR –Son of Dajinn and Accosta, just turned 10, King of Anandor b. 2713(Apr)
KERALK –Circle Leader for Anandor b . 2707
JACINTH –Circle Leader of Anandor, Keralk’s wife b . 2707
ROLF ARCHER — Circle Leader of Balador, Baladar’s best friend, appears 14 b. 2112(Jun)
HUGH ARCHER — King of Balador b. 2706(Jul)
GILLIAN — Queen of Balador b. 2707(May)
NIGHTBANE — a reformed werewolf, an immortal being created 1050
KALTA — Nightbane’s immortal daughter b.
TIMOTHY FITZGREGORY — Circle Leader of Panador b. 2689(Aug)
BRAND FITZGREGORY — Timothy’s son, only remaining family, age10, long blonde hair b. 2713(May)
PHILIP BUTCHER — Circle Second of Panador b. 2689
GALDERON — King of Panador (Prince of Aradon) b. 2706(Apr)
ORINDA –Queen of Panador (Princess of Caladon) b.
KALAAL –Chieftan and Circle Leader of taradalnock Lands b. 2689
DALARRA –Circle LEader of Taradalnock Lands and wife of Kalaal b. 2689
DALARAL –Daughter to Kalaal and Dalarra, betrothed to ROLF b. 2710
TIAL –daughter to Kalaal and Dalarra, betrothed to BALADAR b. 2713
ZORA –Sorceress at Castle Talin, turned dau. of Anandel and Miradel b. 350
Miradel is Miraden’s child; Zora is Miraden’s granddaughter
MIRADEN — The First Enchanter, ageless
DANIEL GREGORYSON –The Miracle of Mirador and High King b 2689
TILLY GREGORYSON –High Queen b 2689
ELIAS NATTHEWSON –Council Leader of the Circle of Light b 2691
NANCY NATTHEWSON –Council Leader of the Circle of Light b 2691
SEAN MATTHEWSON –Elias and Nancy’s son b 2707
DALARRA –daughter of Arik Archer, betrothed to and later wife of SEAN b 2708
KWUKTW –Prince of the Swkatwael, Circle Leader b 2703
ALOSHTU –Prince and Circle Leader of Plateau Taradal b 2690
LEAH FITZGREGORY — Princess of Plateau Taradal, ALoshtu’s wife, Timothy’s sis b. 2690
CHALISTU — son of ALoshtu and Leah b 2711
PERNAR — Great Northwest Circle Memeber from Norstok b 2707
ANTEYRA Great Northwest Circle Memeber from Norstok, wife to PERNAR b 2707
TURACHLA Great Northwest Circle Member from Norstok b 2706
CALLINDA — Great Northwest Circle Member from Norstok, wife to TURACHLA b 2708
SIMRAD — Great Northwest Circle Member,from Norstok b 2706
BELLADA — Great Northwest Circle member from Norstok, wife to SIMRAD b 2707
MIRALLA — Great Northest.Circle Member from Tarnton, wife of JAYDEN b 2708
CARA –Great Northwest Circle Member from Caladar, wife of JERALCA b 2707
WILLEM — Great Northwest Circle Member from Caladar b 2707
TWYLA — Great Northwest Circle Member from Caladar, wife of WILLEM b 2707
PANALTA — a presence from before the world was, ageless
KEYARRA — nurse to Timothy b. 2701

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