Book 3 — Daniel Light and the Circle of Light

BOOK Three

Daniel Light and The Circle of Light

What if the enemy without turned out to be even more dangerous than the enemy within?
Daniel, having arisen to greatness from the fulfilling of the Prophecy, attempts to unify the various Realms and Reaches of the Crystal Orb under the influence and protection of the newly established Circle of Light. And a new Prophecy has been born.
An uneasy alliance is formed between those seeking safe-haven and the peoples united under Daniel and Miraden and the Orb. New, young Magicians are found on both sides of the conflict and Daniel’s circle of friends and enemies grows even larger. Then Daniel has his first vision. The Circle of Light is formed from the youth of the Realms and  Reaches, both old and new to combat the encroaching Dark. They become a force of  protection filled with the greatest of powers as they take upon themselves the mantles of Enchanters and Enchantresses. Bonds are formed, alliances are tested as the original Circle of Light coalesces around Daniel. But one of their new friends has unwittingly been compromised by the Dark. The lives of all those in the Circle are in jeopardy. And the Realms and Reaches of the Crystal Orb, so promising in their new-found abilities and opportunities, are nearly destroyed.

Product Details

5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper

BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic


The Prophecy of the Promise

A transcription of Miraden’s Prophecy about the Child, Boncaster — Prince of Panador



Time: 2703-2704
Story basis – Demon in a Bottle (Arabian Nights)

KING VALERIUS of Panador 21 b. 2682
QUEEN BIANCA of Panador 19 b. 2684
PRINCE BONCASTER of Panador 1 b. 2703(Apr)
QUEEN LILIANA WHITE of Mirador An Immortal
PHILIP of Panador – Master At Arms
The Prophecy, Healer 14 b. 2689(Feb)
ELIAS MATTHEWSON of Mirador – Fisherman 13 b. 2691(Mar)
MICHAEL FITZPATRICK of Laketon b. 2673
MARGED FITZPATRICK of Laketon b. 2674
TILLY FITZMICHAEL of Laketon – Healer 14 b. 2689(Feb)
NANCY FITZMICHAEL of Laketon 12-13 b. 2691
ISTRAMERE – The Orange Dragonet
ANNA – The Lady Of The Lake An Immortal
JEREMIAH of Mirador – Master at Arms
QUEEN ROSE of Aradon 19 b. 2684
KING EMERON of Aradon 21 b. 2682
TALUDARE – the Jinnie of the Bottle
ROSENBLAD – Vampire Dwarf, Creature of Darkness (created 1290)
TOPHET – Dark Sorceror, brother to MIRADEN An Immortal
WITHERA – Dark Sorceress, Daughter to Tophet b. 0001
NIGHTBANE – Werewolf, created by Reugella (created 1050)
RACHEL FITZGREGORY of Panador 33 b. 2671
TIMOTHY FITZGREGORY, of Panador, Woodsman, Empath 15 b. 2689(Aug)
LEAH FITZGREGORY, of Panador 14 b. 2690(Sep)
DAJINN – Dark Sorceror, The original Jinn created by PanAlta
ACCOSTA – Dark Sorceress, companion to Dajinn, daughter of Orthon Immortal b. 0168
KALAAL – Prince of the North, Accosta’s step-son 16 b. 2687

Plateau Taradal
MARAKTU – Taradal Leader 30 b. 2673
SALARA-TU – his wife 29 b. 2674
ALOSHTU – Taradal Prince 14 b. 2689
REAHTU – Taradal Princess 13 b. 2690
KAYEEL – Taradal male 14 b. 2689
ALACHTA – Taradal female 14 b. 2689
IMRAB – Taradal male 14 b. 2689
CHERALE – Taradal female 14 b. 2689
SAMMAM – Taradal male 12 b. 2691

JAMES – Jeweler of Aradon b. 2673
GRACE – his wife b. 2674
NATHAN JAMESON – their son 14 b. 2689
BETH JAMESON – their daughter 11 b. 2692

CASTAL – the boy who talks to the sea from Casta Porta 16 b. 2687
PAULITO – boy with a ball of Casta Porta 10 b. 2693
PAULITA – his older sister of Casta Porta 14 b. 2689
ALLANDRO – Merchant’s son of CastaPorta 15 b. 2688
DAVAD – Tinker’s son of Sarallo 16 b. 2687
RESOTA – Mayor’s daughter of Sarallo 14 b. 2689
PALUCHO – baker’s son of Sarallo 14 b. 2689
CALLITA – seamstress of Sarallo 15 b. 2688
GUILLARO – poet and singer – Harper of Sarallo 14 b. 2689
STRELARRA – twin empath of Sarallo 13 b. 2690
ALANNA – twin empath of Sarallo 13 b. 2690
ELENA – butcher’s daughter of Casto Porta 14 b. 2689
MALIKA –weaver of Casta Porta 14 b. 2689

ARIK ARCHER – son of Michael and Beth – tall, long curly red hair 16 b. 2687(Jan)


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