Book 12: Daniel Light and the Contest of the Kings

BOOK Twelve

Daniel Light and the Contest of the Kings

Do our origins determine what we do and whom we become?
When heritage, the lineage of blood, is lost, to whom can a Kingdom turn?

Having lost most of the heirs to many of its kingdoms, The Realms of the Crystal Orb, under the leadership of Daniel, The Miracle of Mirador, devise a way to replace the royal blood that was lost. A contest. A youth of familiar heritage, Altare, being a descendant of Daniel’s best friend, Elias, is found living in isolation. His sister, Morgare, seduced him and they bore a child, Moralt.  He has been in hiding for the shame and anger of it all. But Daniel convinces him to compete. He has a birthright. Something to live up to. Lethlan, a discontented youth, torn from his family by the rampage of Nightbane, becomes a competitor, also. A unique friendship and bond develops between Altare and Lethlan, and they become almost like brothers. Even after Altare wins the competition and is made King in Mirador. The Gwynna enters the picture. Altare is in love. So is Lethlan. And the Darkness is aware of how it can influence and win the war: kidnap Lethlan and put a Changeling, or Doppelganger in his place.