Book 15: Daniel Light and the Histories of the Orb — A Companion Book

BOOK Fifteen

The Histories of the Orb — A Companion Book

A dozen stories from various times through the history of the Realms of the Crystal Orb. Some fill out the stories that have already been told, providing background and detailing characters or incidents not told so far in the Chronicles of the Realms. Others present new characters and peoples to our view and round out the stories we have come to know.


  • Miraden and the War of the Enchanters
  • The Birth of the Kings of the Crystal Orb
  • The Skwatwaela
  • Castal — The Boy Who Could Talk To The Sea
  • The Family and the Rostok
  • William of Waterside
  • The People of the Plains
  • Axengard: First Dwarf
  • Salah Tas: Land of the Elves
  • Dal and the Rise of the Dark
  • Others to be selected and determined as the remaining books are written.