Daniel Light and The Children of the Flaming Sword

What if you could control time? What if you only thought you could control time?

A present menace that is linked to an ancient power threatens to overwhelm the northern Kingdoms of the Realms of the Crystal Orb while the eternal battle for dominance depends on the four Children of the Flaming Sword.

The men and women of the Circle of Light are sent on separate quests to discover the secrets of this power that threatens them from out of time-past. They must find a way to defeat it. The secret is not in the here and now. But time is a funny thing in and of itself and success proves elusive, for the power in the past had planned long and well. It has had millenia to prepare. But the present time has its secrets, too – secrets that the past cannot read! New and untried power rises to aid in the struggle between Dark and Light as the eternal battle for control will depend on the success of the Children of the Flaming Sword.

The Circle of Light has been challenged before. A price has been paid by the Circle in the past and will certainly be demanded of it again. With threats on four frontiers the Circle is busily defending not only its borders but its centers from the forces of the Dark. Kingdoms have been infiltrated. Borders have been breached. This present menace from out of the past is linked to an ancient power that threatens to overwhelm the northern Kingdoms of the Realms of the Crystal Orb. The men and women of the Circle of Light are sent on separate but interdependent quests to discover the secrets of the power from out of time. At the same time, in the present, a new couple is rising in Balador – Hugh and Gillian. They have been chosen because of their lack of magical ability to face and defeat the Dark that is emanating from the Forest of Bala. A land warded against all of the magic that the Light has to use. The Magicians of the present are powerless against it. But these two of the four Children of the Flaming Sword are determined to meet the challenge set for them by Daniel, Miraden and the Circle of Light.



Book Six — same time period as Book Five (Exile of Aradon)
The Year is 2723

HUGH ARIK ARCHER — a young woodsman of 17 apprenticed to Anthon of Havenwood. b. 2710 (JAN)
GARETH ARCHER — Hugh’s father. b. 2691
TARA ARCHER — Hugh’s mother. b. 2691
GILLIAN FITZEWEN — a farm maid of 16. b. 2707 (May)
EWEN — Gillian’s father, brother to Arik’s first wife, Elise. b. 2691
HANNAH (ARCHER) — Gillian’s mother, Arik and Gareth’s sister, b. 2692
ARIK ARCHER — Hugh’s uncle, Gareth’s brother, Leader of the Circle of Light for Caladon. b. 2687
JESSICA ARCHER — Arik’s second wife, of Panador. b. 2690
TWM JOHNSON– Circle member of Caladon. b. 2689
BRONWYN JOHNSON — Circle member of Caladon, Twm’s wife. b. 2689
MIRADEN — Enchanter, ancient and revered, born before time was.
DANIEL GREGORYSON — The Prophecy and The Miracle Of Mirador. b. 2689
REUGELIA– Witch and SOrceress, daughter of Anandoral and Estrella. Miraden’s neice. Turned by Tophet.
ROLF — The Raven boy, dark hair, dark eyes, As a human he appears to be age 14 but was born in 2112.
NIGHTBANE — Reugella’s former creation, a werewolf now-reformed. Appears in his 30’s.
ETHAN — Former stable boy, now owner of the Dragon’s Gate Inn of Caladon City. A Circle member. b. 2692
CARYL — Ethan’s wife, Circle member. b. 2693
BALADAR — 10 year old King of Anandor (Rider of Dragons Brother of Wolves) Son of Dajinn. b. 2713
TIMEWRAITHS — ephemeral beings of Darkness created by Wyara.
WALLACE — Gillian’s Five year old brother. b. 2718.
KERADOC — Dajinn’s son by Teela, a woman of the Great Northwestern Reaches. Dark Hair, Black eyes, b. 2710.
AMALCA — Taradal captive in Balador, one of Dajinn’s minions. b. 2701.
DALARAL — Kalaal and Dalarrals daughter, to be betrothed to Rolf. b. 2710
TIAL — Kalaal and Dalarra’s daughter, to be betrothed to Baladar. b. 2713.
JOTHAM — Ethan’s hunter/trapper uncle.
TEELA — Keradoc’s mother. b. 2695
JERALCA — Taradal youth of Norstok, Amalca’s younger brother. b. 2706.
TOM EWEN ARCHER — Gareth’s son, Hugh’s brother. b. 2707
TIMOTHY FITZGREGORY — Circle Leader of Panador. b. 2689
REAHTU FITZGREGORY — Timothy’s Taradal wife. Circle Leader. 2690
TALLANTU — their daughter b. 2705
GWYN — their daughter b. 2706
DARALTU — their son b. 2708
KEIRAN — their son b. 2709
TIMOTHY their son b. 2710
SALARATU — their daughter b. 2712
BRAND — their son b. 2713
MARAK — their son b. 2715
WYARA — Ancient and evil Sorceress, turned from the Light, Half-sister to Miraden.


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