Book 11: Daniel Light and Nightbane, the Dark Prince of Zanadon

BOOK Eleven

Daniel Light and

Nightbane, the Dark Prince of Zanadon

What is our true nature?

Where does action lead when reason flies away on the wings of doubt?

There is resentment growing in the Realms of the Crystal Orb, now in it’s fourth generation since the Miracle of Mirador’s victory over the Dark. This resentment is against the Light, specifically at why some are born to magic and enchantment and why some are not. A former creature of the Dark, turned by Daniel and Miraden long ago, has risen to rule in Zanadon through his marriage to its heir. His allegiance is challenged and he finds himself, after decades of service to the Light, questioning his own choices. Then the Dark, long patient and waiting for just such a chance, pounces and Nightbane reverts to the killing creature he once was. Kingdoms are decimated by his rampages and people are frightened. They call upon Daniel and his Circle of Light; whose cause Nightbane used to serve willingly. The chase ensues, the confrontation is reached and the final outcome is in great doubt as the two former friends, Nightbane and Daniel, meet in battle.