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Novels — for general and LDS interest

Musicals —  for general and LDS interest

Plays  — for general and LDS interest

Theatre Books —  for LDS and general interest

Sheet Musicsolos sheet music and choral music for LDS and general interest

CDs and DVDs — CDs and videos for LDS and General interest

Editing Services — proof-reading, copy-editing, book editing, ghostwriting


Leicester Bay Books — Dedicated to the art of publishing for the Family. A book that Grandparents, Parents, Teens, Children and Grandchildren can sit and read together — or individually. So far we have Fantasy/Adventure, Historical Fiction, Humor, Self-Help, Biography, History. VISIT:

Zion BookWorks — Books for LDS Readers covering Inspirational, Historical, Biographical, Doctrinal, Self-Help, Fiction for Adults, Teens, Young Adults and Juvenile readers. VISIT:

Leicester Bay Theatricals — Plays and musicals for Family Audiences. Theatre that challenges and uplifts and inspires. VISIT:

Zion Theatricals — Plays and Musicals created specifically for the LDS (Mormon) Audience and Culture. Perfectly performable and understandable by those of any culture or religious affiliation, these theatre pieces speak to the soul of every human. VISIT:

Hansen Perry Productions — Musical Theatre pieces that are a collaboration between two like-minded artists, whose purpose is to create entertaining, uplifting, thought-provoking, any audience musicals.

Shining Sharon Music — Songs for Solo and Choir performance in two categories: LDS Spiritual, and Secular Non-Spiritual. VISIT:

Eldridge Publishing Company — Plays and musicals and short plays for the Amateur and Educational markets. VISIT: