Posted by on September 28, 2018

“It was absolutely worth the experience…” —Katie Sullivan Porter, Utah Theatre Bloggers

“…beautifully simple and lyrical.” — Kara Henry, Front Row Reviewers Utah

There were so many unexpectedly funny moments… ” —Heather Jones, Backstage Utah

“Celebrate the Power of Friendship and Love!” — Kara Henry, Front Row Reviewers Utah

“It is great to see this story adapted with heart into a musical…the premise of this piece is fascinating as a lively journey with a great message…” — 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle

“The music was really beautiful and fitting with the mood of the show. I thought the script was really strong! It was very witty and each character was well-defined.” — Amanda Van Orden

“It’s a charming piece.” — Dan Wackerman, The Peccadillo Theatre Company